- Like an Easter egg hunt, some people find Him, and others do not! - Like an Easter egg hunt, when Jesus is found, we discover that there is more to Him than what is seen on the outside! - Like an Easter egg hunt, there is great joy in the pursuit & discovery of Jesus! - Like an Easter egg hunt, Jesus is the One who can fill our baskets to the. Everyone knows the story of Noah and the ark that he built before the great flood. The 2,000-year-old Christian holiday marks the resurrection of Jesus Christ—but some of its modern traditions have pagan origins as symbols. familylife. . .

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You'll need a basket of empty plastic eggs of different colors and sizes, a bag of candy, a piece of paper to make a capital E, and a marker or pen handy.

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. . . Just like in an Easter egg hunt, children look forward to the surprises that they’ll run into as they hunt for their prizes.

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People who follow Christianity celebrate Easter, which commemorates the resurrection of Jesus, according to the Bible. . .