At the time, Lightfoot became homesick for his Canadian roots. . . [Intro] G Bm Am D7 G G Bm Am D7 G In the early mornin' rain, with a dollar in my hand, Am D7 G And an achin' in my heart, and my pocket's full of sand. Bob Dylan included his own rendition of “Early Morning Rain on his 1970 LP Self Portrait, and Elvis Presley covered the same song two years later.

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That rain and associated cloud cover helped keep our temperatures into the upper 70s to mid 80s this afternoon.

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103K views 1 year ago #ElvisPresley #OfficialAudio. Bob Dylan. 9M views 13 years ago. Provided to YouTube by RCA/Legacy Early Morning Rain (Live at The Honolulu International Center, Hawaii January 12, 1973 - Rehearsal) · Elvis Presley Aloha.

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Gordon Lightfoot. . Lord, I miss my loved.

About a Realistic Dreamer with a imagination being down in His Presence in the ''EARLY MORNING RAIN'', cold and drunk, imagining takin of on a 707 with her far above the clouds, thinking to be in ''the meeting'' with his loved one that took of beyond the clouds where the sun always shines and don't rain down as cold tears coming down on.